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Crudcook is a team of experienced mobile and web applications and website builders measuring dozens of completed projects. We build and develop mobile & web applications for several platforms, including Android & IOS.

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We provide awesome services

We provide Web, App development and Designs in latest technologies.

app development

From android apps, to iOS apps and web apps. We do it all using technologies such as react, flutter etc.

web development

With well written codes, we build amazing websites including their framework, databases, designing etc.

UX/UI Design

Amazing logo design, wirefames, prototypes, web & app UI and more that would make your brand stand out.

Our Technologies

More power to you by our computing technology.

On Demand

Our Solutions help businesses solutions help businesses to acquire new customers with on demand mobile solutions for android and iOS.


Bringing your creative AR ideas into reality no matter the expertise.


We design and develop customized IoT and AI projects. We are here to help you in building your IoT + Ai dreams.


We help businesses by preparing their data analytics and applying different types of analytics to provide businesses with actionable insights.


Our Blockchain enthusiasts can easily take up your complex projects like Blockchain exchange and Multi/Supply Chain.


Bringing your creative AR ideas into reality no matter the expertise.

Why Us

Why choose Crudcook as your service provider?

A Collaborative Process

Our team works side-by-side with you to ensure accuracy and precision throughout the onboarding process.

We Have Your Back

IT is confusing. That’s why we offer you truly unlimited, 24x7 support to answer any technology-related question you or your team may have.


You’ll never feel lost. You’re assigned a team of experts who you’ll know on a first-name basis. Think of us as your IT BFF.

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